A great educational start for underprivileged children is key to levelling society. Collaborating with corporate and institutional partners, BBİ is contributing to transformative change, by funding the cost of 100 children to benefit from leading education, at prep and senior school ages. Working with a network of the UK’s highest achieving and most progressive educators, each participating school has agreed to at least match our funding commitment, increasing the number of pupils securing the best educational start to 200+ Our aim is to surpass this target by finding companies, institutions, organisations charities and private citizens willing to support this valuable cause, funding more pupils as an example of Diversity and Inclusion in action.

Businesses supportive of this campaign, will benefit from dynamic UK wide advertising and marketing, boosting their brand capital by association.

Our advisory team is creating a list of the best led schools in the UK’s private sector, the list populated by educators committed to being part of a fairer more inclusive and progressive future.

The best educational start providing life’s brightest future.

Get in touch to participate or learn more. Contact info@bbiproject100.com