The Black Business ─░nstitute D&I Butterfly Kitemark will be awarded to companies and schools who can satisfy the following four requirements:

BB─░ Business Charter

  1. Commit to inclusion, ensuring the workforce proportionately reflects the diversity of the communities in which they operate, at every level. Crucially, work to ensure the participating organisations include diverse talent for the benefit of their employees, stakeholders and communities.
  2. Gather and publish data: To show progression, participants must encourage their employees to disclose their ethnicity. Organisations must gather and monitor diversity data, by setting and publishing aspirational targets, and commit to starting and developing measurement on inclusion. Listed companies, public bodies and all businesses with more than 50 employees should publish a breakdown of employees by race, ideally by pay band, on their website and in their annual reports.
  3. Take accountability: Senior executives and their teams must build strong D&I governance structures and must take responsibility for positioning D&I as a Key Performance Indicator. Undertake inclusive leadership learning; implement reverse mentoring schemes; launch and actively participate in sponsorship programmes; and improve opportunities for BME employees. Results should be published.
  4. Debias systems: Leaders including HR Directors must critically examine people and organisational processes across the employee lifecycle (attraction, recruitment, retention, promotion, progression, procurement, etc.), rejecting non-diverse shortlists, challenging educational selection bias, drafting job specifications in a more inclusive way; factoring in diversity and inclusion to interview and promotion panels; and creating an inclusive working experience for everyone.